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  • Would you like to learn how to be healthy, live healthy?
  • Wellness coaching is for those individuals who want to heal their body naturally with alternative therapies that encompass the whole body.
  • Learn to access and follow your intuitive mind for direction
  • Have Envision Hypnosis today to lose weight, quit smoking, battle depression and anxiety, achieve pain-free birthing and more.

Re-Pattern Your Genetic Code

Ever wonder why you feel or carry burdens that make no sense to your life? Just as you inherit eye color, you could be carrying more from your ancestry line then you realize.

The answer is in your genetic code or DNA. We find the answer through alternative therapies using symbolic envision, taking you beyond hypnosis into that place in your mind of possibilities and solutions. Once we find and release the code you are able to being a new pattern.

Natural Remedies for Everyday

We will teach you simple tools to save you thousands of dollars on supplements. You will learn to read the signs of what your body needs for the hearling of depression, anxiety, and stress.

  • Custom essential oil and flower essence blends made from the finest ingredients around the world.
  • Essential oils blends and extracts of therapeutic grade
  • Our Herbal Tinctures are made with care.
  • Custom Travel Ready Roll on Bach Flower or Essential Oils

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